Stylform Laundry Unit with Drawers

for compartments 72.3-96.4 cm wide Code: LA989
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • 5 Year Warranty
Estimated Delivery: 8-9 weeks *dependent on postcode
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Stylform Laundry Unit with Drawers

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As mentioned in each wardrobe's description, your Stylform wardrobe will be supplied with some default accessories included in the price, consisting in 1 x clothes rail and 2 x shelves for each compartment.

*Please note this item is available for 72.3 cm, 80cm and 96.4 cm wide compartments.

Internal compartments:

If you are looking at a sliding door wardrobe, please refer to the internal sketch pictures on the relevant product page, among the additional pictures below the main one. Each model has its own internal division, depending on the wardrobe size required.

If instead you are looking at a hinge door wardrobe, please note the division below:

150 cm wide wardrobe: 1 large compartment + 1 small compartment

200 cm wide wardrobe: 2 large compartments

250 cm wide wardrobe: 2 large compartments + 1 small compartment

300 cm wide wardrobe: 3 large compartments;

Here you can select a laundry unit with 2 drawers, so consisting of a small rail/divider/set of 2 shelves/set of 2 drawers. Please note the laundry unit's top shelf is one of the 2 shelves that come default within the included interiors package.

Please note we will supply the laundry unit in the same finish as the interiors of your wardrobe (please refer to wardrobe product page, the interior finish can be maple finish, oak finish or pearl grey striped white, depending on the range your wardrobe belongs to.

Please note, the carcass is pre-drilled, therefore you will have chance to liaise with the fitters on day of delivery so that they can fit the interior accessories to your exact requirements.

For any queries and assistance, please contact us

Please note: This item cannot be sold separately, but only as part of a Stylform wardrobe order or a delivery surcharge will have to be applied.


Based on the wardrobe you will select, we will provide you with the right size unit. Please refer to the product description for details.

Width 72cm (for 72.3 - 75 cm wide compartment) 80cm (for 80.1cm wide compartment) 96cm (for 96.4cm wide compartment)
Height 137cm 137cm 137cm
Depth 52cm 52cm 52cm