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Here are a number of our furniture brochures available for you to download. All brochures are pdf files.

Hasena Bed Collections

Hasena Complete beds catalogue
Hasena Selection
Hasena Headboards
Hasena Accessories
Hasena Movie/Top-Line Beds
Hasena Factory-Line
Hasena Wood-Line
Hasena Lounge
Hasena Fine-Line
Hasena Naturo-Line
Hasena Oak-Line/Oak-Bianco
Hasena Oak-Puro
Hasena Oak-Wild/Oak Vintage/Aspino, Bormio, Cortina
Hasena Dream-Line/Silenzio/Dream pronto
Hasena Function/Comfort/Kids & Guests/Romantic
Hasena Slatted frames

Yatsan Mattresses & Beds

Yatsan Brochure
Yatsan Mattresses
Yatsan Products Brochure 1
Yatsan Upholstered Beds I
Yatsan Products Brochure 2
Yatsan Upholstered Beds II


Stylform ALTHEA Brochure
Stylform ALTHEA
Stylform EOS Brochure
Stylform EOS
Stylform FLORIDA Brochure
Stylform FLORIDA


Guardia Human Brochure
Guardia Human
Guardia Happens Brochure
Guardia Happens
Guardia Happens 2.0 Brochure
Guardia Happens 2.0


Veneran Brochure