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Modern Beds, Contemporary Beds, Designer Beds UK

Designer Bedroom Furniture UK

Welcome to Head2Bed, your exclusive Beds and Wardrobes Emporium, providing designer beds, modern beds and contemporary beds, modern sliding and hinged wardrobes and stylish designer bedroom furniture sets throughout the UK.

Head2bed offers unique and exclusive Swiss designer beds, modern wardrobes and designer bedroom furniture to cater for the discerning taste.

We will help you to create a chic and elegant modern bedroom where you can choose your own personal style. If you are looking for a 'bespoke' contemporary bedroom, Head2bed is here to guide and help you choose sleek and seductive individual contemporary beds, Hasena modern beds and pieces of contemporary sliding wardrobes to achieve exactly the look you have in mind for the bedroom of your dreams. 

All designs from Head2bed are created without compromise for performance, aesthetics and practicality. Head2bed believe passionately that every bedroom should be an incredibly comfortable and beautiful haven, a place of relaxation and an escaping retreat. A welcoming space to enable you to unwind, a personal sanctuary that you'll want to curl up and relax in.



For all items with standard 8 week lead time, so all leather beds by Hasena, all Veneran, all Quarrata and all Yatsan is October 21st October (exceptions may apply), but this is for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery.

For wardrobes and all Stylform ranges, the cut off date is end of October (again exceptions apply).

For all wooden and laminate beds and accessories by Hasena, you can order till 24th November.

For all Relaxsan mattresses you can order till end of October; for all Concept Memory Mattresses you can order till 09th December.